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If you’re here because you finished the book – thanks!  We hope you enjoyed it.

If you’re here because you’re thinking about buying the book – welcome.  We’re hoping that some of this extra content can be a bit useful for you.   But, honestly some of it will make a bunch more sense once you’ve got the context of the book.

So, in the book you probably noticed that there are number of mentions in the book of templates, examples and other resources.  Here’s where we’ll hopefully be adding some resources for ya…

Here’s what we have thus far:

Sample Content Marketing Strategy Outline (PDF)
Now, obviously (if we didn’t make this point enough in the book – your content marketing strategy is unique to you.  So, any attempt to put a “template” together would be pretty fruitless.  Having said that – here’s what an outline of the strategy document might look like.

30 Minute Online Course on Persona and Segmentation (Video)
This is a thirty minute course that Robert originally developed for the Online Marketing Institute – and shows exactly how to develop target personas, align them with buying cycles and your internal sales processes for online engagement.  It’s thirty minutes total – and really covers in detail what we go over in Chapter 2.

The 90 Day Social Web Brand Management Plan – Managing Content Marketing Edition (PDF)
We discuss this at pretty good length in the book – and this is a document that we’ve given out before.  It’s a 90 Day Social Media Brand Management document.  It’s got sample questionnaires in there – as well as a sample Social Media governance policy.  We hope you find it helpful.

2011 Content Marketing Playbook (PDF)
This is a wonderful piece of content developed by CMI and a few sponsor companies and goes through some of the most common channels within a content marketing strategy.  If you read Chapter 4 – Digging Your Channels – you’re sure to get some value out of this great playbook.

And there will be more coming….

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